Tree house rentals – questions and answers

At we are mad about tree houses. We think staying in the canopies, enjoying time with friends and family is a great experience – and we love to share that experience with you by offering the most amazing tree house rentals. But before you climb the ladder, we understand you might have some questions about a holiday in the treetops.


Q: How do you describe a typical tree house experience?

A: A stay at one of our  amazing tree house rentals takes your love for the great outdoors to new heights. Climb up to the canopy and you will experience what it’s like to live in the treetops, surrounded by fresh air, birds and awesome views. It’s best described as uplifting!

Tree house rentals - Louer une cabane en France.

By staying in a tree house you can take your love for the great outdoors to a higher level. (Photo:


Q: Sounds cool, but are tree house rentals not just for kids?

A: No, tree houses are absolutely not just for kids. However, we are sure that you will find your inner child again as soon as you climb up to your own tree house. Relive those great childhood memories again, and enjoy all the great things that come with growing up such as drinking a good glass of wine with your beloved ones.

Tree house rentals in Uslar

Relive great childhood memories in a tree house! (Photo:


Q: Ok, but still I feel that a tree house is a bit too rough for me…

A: Well, just have a look at the great variety of tree houses we offer. You will see that a lot of them feats contemporary engineering, with a level of luxury that meets the standards of a 4-star hotel. A tree house might wake your inner child, but they are certainly not built by children!


Q: I have fear of heights. Should I give up the dream of staying in a tree house?

A: No. Of course some tree houses are built at serious height and require quite a climb. But we’re glad to offer many great accommodations that are built at a modest height. And a lot of our tree houses are built in such a way that you will feel totally secure.

Tree house rentals in Garstang, Lancaster

We’re glad to say that a lot of the tree houses we offer do not require climbing a steep ladder. (Photo:


Q: I love nature, but I’m pretty fond of regular shower, a good bed and of course free wifi. What about that?

We can assure you that a lot of the modern tree house rentals are well equipped with modern home appliances such as a shower, kitchen, wifi and sometimes even a Jacuzzi. Of course there are more basic houses in the treetops too. Just see what amenities are provided and choose your perfect tree house!


Q: What cool things can you do when staying at a treehouse?

In general treehouses are located in beautiful areas, and you can be sure to be surrounded by wonderful treetops. So just enjoying the great outdoors is a logical first thing to do. Apart from that, tree house holidays are packed with action and adventure. Go freewheeling with a bike, or just get out there for a great hike with friends and family. Like to take it easy? We’re glad to say we have tree house holidays with in-cabin spa treatments and hot tubs too. And the kids will love to explore the forest, when available even with a forest ranger. Fancy water sports? Check out our destinations that offer swimming, canoeing and fishing.


Q: Is a tree house always built in an actual tree?

No. Some of them are really built in the trees, others are only built above the ground, for example on steady poles. So tree houses can be located in a tree, or just be surrounded by trees.

Tree house rentals - Girona - 9

Tree houses can be built, in, nearby or between trees like this great treehouse in Girona. (Photo:


Q: Why is a tree house rental cooler than a hotel room?

  • Because hotel rooms don’t get back great childhood memories – a tree house will
  • Because staying in a tree house is an experience in itself – a hotel room isn’t
  • Because a tree house is a great place to get away from it all
  • Because a stay in a tree house with you beloved ones will create ever lasting memories
  • Because some of them are even more luxury then a 3-star hotel room
  • Because staying in a tree house is the ultimate way to get your love for the great outdoors to a higher level
  • Because you will always have a great story to tell if you have stayed in a tree house!

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