Lighthouse rentals – questions and answers

At we truly love lighthouse rentals, simply because they are awesome! Standing tall, withstanding the most fearsome storms, they are without a doubt the most manly buildings on the planet. Often these signs of hope have been the first buildings that were erected on new found land. Don’t be surprised to find lighthouses that are over a hundred, or even two hundred years old. So if you’re looking for a really special, adventurous and iconic place to stay, we highly recommend to consider one of our great lighthouse rentals!


Q: How would you describe a typical lighthouse experience?

A: Staying at a lighthouse is an exhilarating experience on the verge of the main land and the wide open ocean. Most lighthouses mark dangerous coastlines, reefs, or safe entries to harbours where ships come and go. Exactly the kind of places that take your breath away. Staying in a keepers cottage, or even in the tower is therefore something never to forget. Get mesmerized by the vastness of the sea, let the breeze take your daily worries away and enjoy the time you spend with your beloved ones.

Global lighthouse rentals

Lighthouses, such as this one at the cliffs along the Irish Sea, are without a doubt the most manly structures on the planet. They have been withstanding the most fearsome storms for centuries, and now you can stay in such a great piece of naval history! (Photo: Owner/


Q: Is having fear of heights a red flag for a lighthouse holiday?

A: Not at all. We are glad to say that there are more options than sleeping right in the top of a lighthouse. Most places offer fantastic keepers cottages on ground level. This is a perfect place to enjoy a lighthouse experience, even when you don’t go all the way up.


Q: What types of lighthouse rentals do you offer?

A: In the first place we offer lighthouse rentals where you can stay in the actual tower, sometimes even in the lantern room. This is without a doubt the purest form of a lighthouse holiday – not for the fain hearted.


For those who are a little less courageous, we proudly present accommodations in the lower part of the tower and of course the keepers’ cottages. These are the houses where the lighthouse keepers used to live, and in some cases still live.


No matter what lighthouse accommodation you choose, you can be assured that they are transformed into unique holiday rentals with a wide range of amenities.

Lighthouse rentals - Rua Reidh

The keepers’ cottages are perfect accommodations for those who have fear of heights. These cottages at Rua Reidh are a great example! (Photo: Rua Reidh Lighthouse/


Q: Are the lighthouses still operational?

A: Some of them actually are! And we can assure you that it’s a really amazing to sleep under the slowly rotating lantern of a lighthouse. Most lighthouses however have become obsolete as navigational structure. The good news however is that new purposes our found for these buildings: holiday accommodations for those who are looking for something truly special. So even if the light itself might not be shining anymore, you can still enjoy the great naval tales that these venues tell.



Q: How can we contribute to keep the lighthouse heritage alive?

A: Simply by staying at a lighthouse or keepers cottage. This way you give these great historical structures a new purpose and a new future!



Q: Is a lighthouse holiday safe for kids?

A: Of course you will always have to be careful when certain heights are involved. Most lighthouses are located near cliffs, therefore we strongly advise to keep a close watch on you kids. Please inform with the owner/manager about kids safety in case you’re planning to travel with young children.



Q: What level of luxury may I expect?

A: We’re glad to say that the times that the ‘lighthouse living’ was harsh, lonely and tough are over. Instead you may expect a comfortable holiday home, sometimes even with a level of luxury that exceeds that of a high-end hotel!

Lighthouse rentals - Galatea Cottage 72

You can help preserving the great lighthouse heritage simply by staying at such a wonderful place! (Photo: Rural Retreats /


Q: So why should I choose a lighthouse holiday over a hotel room or apartment?

A: Because life is too short to spend on boring things, and stay in boring places. By staying in a lighthouse you experience what it is like to live on the exciting border of earth, wind and fire. A memory that will last a lifetime!


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